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New OVAL branch maker

by Orion on August 22nd, 2010

OVAL branches

Inspired by Keith Peters‘ presentation at FITC this spring, in which he used recursive circles to make branches, and by Jared Tarbell’s presentation of  interactive experiments with recursion at Flashbelt (also this spring), I came up with a funky interactive branch making app.

It’s not very optimized (chuggy on a slower machine) and a bit crude, but I was so happy with the random “artistic” results you could get from a few minutes of clicking that I added it to my home page.  The floating leaves are still there, but about 50% of the time will serve up my new branch maker.  Maybe at some point I will fine tune and share the code…

Hope you like (feedback welcome).

(My three year old son seemed to have fun with it and still requests “the tree game” on my MacBook once in a while.)

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  1. Older Guy permalink

    Speaking of branches and random patterns, down here by the river I had a bonfire today. I burned 20 years worth of job-related resource materials and files… And oh, did it free the mind. Those random-patterned flames transformed paper into hundreds of bat-bits, flittering upward with the thermal wind straight into the sky…. Gone, gone, gone.

    Now I think I’m really retired.

    And even though the nights are getting colder here in my little tent trailer, I’ll just pile on the blankets until the snow drives me back to the condo on the bay.

    Can’t wait to invest the old age pension cheque.

    • Orion permalink

      Hey Older Guy,

      Congrats on the career burning! I had a similar burning about a year ago when I came across a bankers box full of old papers (from a past life). Felt good didn’t it?!

      Doesn’t your trailer have a heater? I know you can afford the propane…

      I’ll have to head down to your spot on the river for some investment advice before you fly south.

  2. Older Guy permalink

    For one thing, I didn’t get to where I am today by spending money I didn’t need to spend. But that’s a lesson you younger guys haven’t yet learned. A layer or two more clothing works for quite awhile into the fall.

    As for you visiting, I don’t mind the odd visitation, or even offering you some investment advice. But I also try to keep a low profile. I’m big on walking softly, and establishing trust.

    As for ‘flying south’: the fowl aren’t yet staging in big numbers at the marsh. I figure that when I start to get uncomfortable in my tent trailer is when the birds will be flying south. Then we’ll flock off together.

    Keep an eye on the sky.

    The Old Guy (now by the River)

    • Orion permalink

      Hey OG! Mind if I call you OG?

      Do you have internet where you stay in the South?

      Maybe we could keep up a dialogue of sorts via this blog…

      If you can email me your investment ideas, I will post them here and let others join the dialogue.

      I think people my age (new career, young family, etc.) could benefit from your knowledge.

      If you’re up for it, I’ll give you my email next time I’m down your way.

  3. Older Guy permalink

    Eye to the sky… they’re gathering down here: geese and ducks, that is. Lots of busy little mixed flocks, too. I’m getting some great pics. Love this time of year. I figure Indian Summer is just about to happen. Hope it lasts past this waxing full moon. Sort of drowns out my view of the stars.

    Are you ready for a fall market correction? Did you know that the initial market crash of 1929 happened in October? As well, the last one in 2008. If you’ve got some free cash lying about you might be able to buy some good dividend stocks cheap. Next to a pension, those blue chip dividend stocks make a pretty dependable income stream.

    How am I doing so far Orion? I’ve never blogged before. I like it. I can say what I want, when I want — with no one around to have to entertain. Then when I feel like it I can check to see if anyone heard… like the old ‘tree in the forest’ thing, I guess.

    Let’s do this thing. And you can call me OG. When I get to know you better I’ll find a nick name for you. But don’t come by at dawn (as if…), I’ll be out kayaking.


  4. Orion permalink

    Ok, great OG.

    I may be out after Thanksgiving to shut down camp.

    Will drop by then. Don’t worry about me disturbing the dawn though. That’s not my scene… A moonlight paddle with the missus, maybe.

  5. serialkey permalink

    Stupid commentators, funny comments, lol

    • Orion permalink

      Funny maybe, but certainly not stupid!

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