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New look OVAL!

by Orion on June 30th, 2010

G20 protesters in Toronto, 2010

Well, after many floundering, aborted attempts at a website were left and nearly forgotten in cyberspace limbo, a bright and shiny new OVAL brand has emerged over the last week.  Rioting and chaos ensued.

Why has this happened now you ask?  (All 0.3333 of you reading this blog.)  I’m really not sure.  Somehow, with everything else going on, I managed to forge a few hours here and there out of my busy schedule to play with the idea of OVAL again.  It has been a while, and it’s kind of fun to dust it off now.  Whatever comes of it, I’m really not sure.

The catalyst was actually this blog.  Dissecting a WordPress theme had only been on my to-do list for about 4 years.  Having only dabbled a few minutes total on the admin side, I finally jumped off the deep end of WordPress theme editing the other day with a few innocent clicks in c-panel…

After wrestling with alien code in the WordPress editor for a few hours, I went back to my much preferred mode of web design: working with my own markup and css in a desktop editor (designing in Photoshop is for suckers…  er… that is, real designers).  So simple.  So few <div> tags and so few css selectors.  So clean and uncomplicated.  The new look followed, with a new logo to replace the sun-like orange gradient sphere, and soothing blue interactive leaves to replace the jarring and all too natural green ones.   Soon after this small victory, a late night, manic, all-out attack on the Titan Theme ensued.

My apologies to Theme Foundry for the cruel css and php hacks on their once elegant architecture.  It has been tamed now though, and ready to do my bidding, whatever that ends up being…

So enjoy the pixelly, bevelled font, the subtle yet shameless drop shadows, the somewhat clashing shades of soothing blue, and the edgy splashes of orange.

Long live OVAL media!

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  1. I’m thinking that “Now and the Future” or some such notion (how about “Zen and Now: But what about the Future?”) should be one of your ongoing themes. It gets people thinking about how the present always has implications for the future. It wakes us up. It prompts questioning and thoughtfulness. It challenges the passivity that imprisons in so many ways us under the status quo — and posits future possibilities. It suggests social, strategic and ethical dynamism. … It speaks to our humanity. It even tweeks our ancient survival instincts. “It’s what we need”.

    • Orion permalink

      Wow, thanks for the feedback Mr. Boy.

      That sounds like a pretty broad, all encompassing topic…

      Rather than tackling posts for such a lofty category, what if I were to consider all these things in future posts?

      For example, I could have spoken to the social, strategic and ethical dynamism of my choice of bevel and drop shadow, as well as the various shades of possibly conflicting, yet oh so soothing blue, in my new OVAL branding.

      • I think you’re just making fun of John Boy. He may have been a bit serious in his post, but that’s no reason to bait him.

        Do you think about the future Mr Oval? Do you not care about the world we’re shaping for our kids?

        Let’s cut through the bs. Orion. Sometimes we have to be serious.

  2. Orion permalink

    You’re absolutely right Jade. Sometimes I get too caught up in work-as-play and forget about the children (I find it’s too hard to work and play with children, because they are always breaking things and hurting themselves).

    Let’s get serious: all major systems of the world as we know it (Environment, Economics, Politics, Religion, Education, etc.) appear to be on perpetual collision courses with disaster.

    I will start working on a post entitled “The Future” asap, in which I will start to layout solutions to all these problems. I will admit though, I’m kind of starting from a blank slate on this, so any suggestions are greatly welcomed!

  3. aculalemn permalink

    Very Interesting!
    Thank You!

  4. Poker Spielen permalink

    Took me time to read the whole article, the article is great but the comments bring more brainstorm ideas, thanks.

    - Johnson

    • Orion permalink

      Thanks for the feedback, Poker. Glad we could help with your brainstorm ideas…

      Any thoughts on solving all the world’s problems?

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    • Orion permalink

      Thanks for the positive feedback Thomas! Good luck with the spamming career!

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